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Sanmaurs News: Sanmaurs News:
We are expecting two Siamese litters in mid-September! Check back for updates.
Mariol's Beau of Sanmaurs Mariol's Beau of Sanmaurs
Now retired at 8 years old as our beloved pet.
Blue point boy Blue point boy
Someone who doesn't like the camera...LOL!
Indochine Truffles of Sanmaurs Indochine Truffles of Sanmaurs
Thank you Joan for this little character ;-)
Bourgeoise Bourgeoise
with her there little seal points...
Bouzie Girl Bouzie Girl
with her chocolate and lilac kittens
Mariol's Beau of Sanmaurs Mariol's Beau of Sanmaurs
Welcome to our newest family member from France...
More chocolates & one seal... More chocolates & one seal...
You can't help but fall in love with them :)
Isosceles, seal point Isosceles, seal point
Bijou and Mistoffeelees - kittens
Blue point male Blue point male
Oliver now resides in his new home.
Arri Arri
Lilac point male.
Sanmaurs Alaska of Geishagoll Sanmaurs Alaska of Geishagoll
Many thanks to you Connie, for showing this little girl!
Kittens lounging Kittens lounging
What a life... but somebody has to do it!
Ch Sanmaurs Bijou Ch Sanmaurs Bijou
Enjoying life at home...

This girl also represents 13 generations of Sanmaurs bloodlines.
Sanmaurs Sophia of Areestacats Sanmaurs Sophia of Areestacats
Seal point female
Ch Sanmaurs Starbucks of Areestacats Ch Sanmaurs Starbucks of Areestacats
Chocolate point male

Starz Starz
Sanmaurs Lilly of Mariol's Sanmaurs Lilly of Mariol's
—Growing up.

"Lilly" now resides in France with a wonderful lady, Corinna Kelvink and her family.
Lilly Lilly
Sanmaurs Marishka Sanmaurs Marishka
Marishka is a seal point female
The Boys The Boys
Boys on the move!